Defining moments

      Truco ... six ... nine ... twelve you motherfc* !!!  Swallow the “gato” in this fuc* shameless cups ... punch on the table, ghastly nicknames, shouting ... It was two years, 1998 and 1999, the golden age at the Polo Unity High School. We got together in pairs and spent the entire classes disputing... Continue Reading →


When I decided to live abroad, the first thing to be changed was the feeling of selfishness. I needed to feel again that I could help people, and to allow me to be helped. That was possible through connections.  I had never denied help before, but after living alone for a long time, I had... Continue Reading →

A quest in search for my passion

Hi my name is Pauline. I'm a 22-year-old Malaysian girl, currently living abroad in Ireland.You might be wondering, what is this Malaysian girl doing here, writing a blog together with 3 other Brazilian guys. Well, quite frankly, I am as clueless as you are. Perhaps, everything just felt right when Juliano (who used to be... Continue Reading →

Brand New Start

A few weeks ago, a post in a Brazilian blog about a "New Project" brought me into this big thing. A blog made by people who live around the world. Different sights lifestyles bringing different ideas in the same space.I'm really excited doing this. It's my first text written in English, and I'll tell you... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Adriano, I'm 36 years old, I'm from a city in the south of Brazil, São José dos Pinhais.Come on. I have an arduous mission here, trying to write a presentation in English. Speaking Portuguese is easy, my mother tongue. Now, in English it gets more complicated. I currently live in Liverpool... Continue Reading →

The first step

Every great achievement begins with small steps. And, that’s the first one of the several articles that will be written here. This is The Nameless Project, an idea that has started with a dream of being read for people all over the world. Is this  an impossible dream? Maybe yes, maybe not.  But, a project... Continue Reading →

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